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Betty Peh-T'i WEI

Betty Peh-T'i WEI

2022 Honorary Fellow

Betty Peh-T'i WEI


A distinguished historian and educator, Dr. Betty Peh-T’i Wei has made invaluable contributions to academia, writing numerous papers and full-length works as an expert in history.

Dr. Wei served as the Head of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from the inauguration of the department in 1993 until her retirement in 2003. During her tenure, she established a strong foundation for liberal-arts education. An esteemed teacher and mentor, she developed relevant courses to enhance the knowledge of students in arts and culture, while bringing high-calibre guest teachers to campus to cultivate their interests in research and writing. Dr. Wei is dedicated to nurturing and broadening the horizons of young performing artists of all disciplines. Her teaching and guidance have influenced the way performing artists approach their life and creative work.

Dr. Wei’s commitment to the Academy did not wane upon her retirement. Instead, she continues to raise scholarships and is an avid attendee of student concerts and performances, giving her time and unwavering support to the Academy students. It is a testimony to her accomplishment and contribution that her colleagues as well as members of the Academy community still give her the greatest respect today.

Dr. Wei holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Bryn Mawr College, a master’s degree in international relations and law from New York University, and a doctorate degree in modern history at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). She is an honorary institute fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences at HKU as of 1981 and honorary professor at the Institute of Qing History at the Renmin University of China as of 1991. She also served as an honorary research fellow at the Centre of Asian Studies at HKU from 1981 to 2011.

Beyond her significant achievements as an acclaimed historian and dedicated educator, Dr. Wei is devoted to serving the community through her support of Hong Kong charities, educational institutes and performing-arts organisations. That includes her affiliation with the Heep Hong Society, Marco Polo World Foundation, Bryn Mawr College, Chinese International School, Lingnan University, Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong, International Women’s Forum, Hong Kong Association of University Women, Musica Viva, and the Theatre Noir Foundation. She supports the Muses Foundation for Culture and Education, which finances Year 3 or 4 students from Hong Kong tertiary institutions, including the Academy, so they can visit European countries to learn practical skills that are not available in Hong Kong. Her nearly 50 years of sustained volunteer service is assuredly evidence of her passion and commitment to giving back to the community, which has earned her high praise and respect.