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HONG Ka-chun

HONG Ka-chun

2021 Honorary Fellow

HONG Ka-chun


Mr Hong Ka-chun is a prolific producer of music concerts in Hong Kong. He has worked with many top musical artists over the course of hundreds of shows, ensuring he is a staple feature of the Hong Kong music and entertainment industry. Mr Hong is keen to promote the creation of original music, and has inspired many independent artists.

In 1994, Mr Hong joined Commercial Radio’s English channel Quote 864 as a programme producer, after working in the promotions department at Warner Music (international repertoire) for 3 years. In 1999, he was promoted to programme and event producer at Commercial Radio 2. He was the producer of a series of notable large-scale events and concerts, including the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation and Music Is Live after becoming the director of promotions and productions at Commercial Radio Productions.

Following his success at Commercial Radio, Mr Hong became an independent concert producer. In 2005, he introduced local independent music to the 33rd Hong Kong Arts Festival and presented the first local independent-music programme Come Out & Play, which set a milestone for the music industry in Hong Kong. He was also the designated producer of the year-round live-music series Moov Live from 2007 to 2018.

As an esteemed and experienced producer, Mr Hong has contributed significantly to the local arts-and-entertainment community. Over more than three decades in the music industry, he has encouraged many artists and young talents. In 2000, he established the arts and culture label 89268, which published more than 30 music albums for non-mainstream music artists. The label played a major role in the local music scene and brought many under-represented talents to the fore. Meanwhile, he launched the large-scale local music festival Wow & Flutter The Weekend, a series of outdoor music performances in 2016. His efforts to ensure that local musical talent breaks into the highly competitive live-music market received high praise from industry professionals.

In his capacity as a visiting guest artist to the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts at the Academy, Mr Hong took part as creative lead and started the first pop-music concert Interstage, which was a highlight production of the School in 2018. By sharing his insights and musical knowledge, participating Theatre and Entertainment Arts students were given not only invaluable advice but also opportunities to work with many singer-songwriters, musicians and artists. The concerts held over the course of the past 3 years received a very positive response. Students and faculty members of the School are grateful to the support of Mr Hong.