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The Essentials of Theatre Arts

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The Essentials of Theatre Arts

This course engages students in a whole experience to enrich them as people, drama artists and makers of drama/theatre through the “three key learning processes: making, performing and appreciating”. It provides students with a comprehensive study of drama as an art form and introduces them to the professional world of theatre, while developing their creativity, power of imagination, people skills and self-confidence. 

Upon completion of the subject, students should be able to:

  1. construct critical responses and ability of appreciation, enhance creative thinking skills through learning-by-practice during theatre productions, and understand the requirements of the industry;
  2. integrate creative, imaginative and reflective skills to apply to performance and creation;
  3. apply interpersonal skills and team building skills through rehearsal, group projects, collaborative tasks and showing;
  4. develop self-confidence and self-esteem through effective self-expression in drama and theatre activities;
  5. demonstrate a basic understanding of the work ethics and demonstrate positive values and attitudes related to theatre arts industry; and
  6. develop self-understanding for further studies and career development in the related field.

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