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COVID-19 in HK

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in HK

2019冠狀病毒病 - 香港最新情況

The novel coronavirus may not go away and we will have to learn to live with it and adapt to the new normal. We should be prepared that small-scale local outbreaks are inevitable from time to time. We are advised strongly to reduce social contact to protect ourselves and others: Maintain social distance, Avoid crowded places. Maintains good hand hygiene practices. Touch your face or face mask with clean hands only.



Source: Centre for Health Protection 衞生防護中心


Exercising with mask


Face mask restricts ventilation. It is normal, if your workout feels harder than usual. Try choosing an easy track or not going for as long. Listen to your body and let it adapt. Stop and rest when you feel the exhaustion is too much to handle. A mask may irritate and abrade your skin a little bit during movement. Wash your face after a workout and don’t reuse the mask. If you are concerned with own chronic diseases, for example asthma and sensitive skin, consult your family doctor before commencing.

Make sure you maintain good hand hygiene practice before and after handling your mask, and don’t touch your face during exercise.

口罩減低呼吸的效率。平時應付自如的緩步跑都會變得十分吃力。開始時可以先試一個輕鬆簡單短距離的緩步跑令身體慢慢適應。因應自己身體的情況,如果喘氣過急或者身體非常不適,便應停下來休息。 運動過程中,口罩可能會刺激並磨損皮膚。 跑後要清潔面部,用過的口罩不要重複使用。 如果你有其他問題或者身體毛病,例如哮喘或者皮膚敏感的話,開始前應先諮詢你的家庭醫生。


stay home.stay safe