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Experts and School Talks

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For students who are interested in developing a career in performing arts, the Student Recruitment and Community Engagement has specially arranged a series of online Expert Talks and School Talks to introduce the latest trends in the industry and the undergraduate degree programmes offered by HKAPA. These talks are delivered by performing arts professionals and veteran instructors from HKAPA’s schools and cover 6 subject areas of performing arts: Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts. All talks are free of charge and are suitable for over 20 students. Please contact us for reserving your sessions or enquiries.

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Expert Talks

To help student plan for a professional career in performing arts, experts from the industry will share their journey to success in art performance and the latest trends in the industry.

Prof Martin LAU

Developing the 21st Century Chinese Opera Performing Artist

Speaker: Professor Martin LAU, Dean of the School of Chinese Opera


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Career Pathway of a Dancer

Speaker: Professor Anna CY CHAN, Dean of the School of Dance


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Conducting and Cultural Leadership

Speaker: Professor Sharon CHOA, Head of Conducting and Cultural Leadership (Music), School of Music


 Janice PoonLi Wing-hongSharon Yau

New Developments in Drama Study: Acting for Musical Theatre,  Applied Theatre and Dramaturgy


Ms Janice POON, Senior Lecturer (Playwriting and Dramaturgy) and Academic Project Officer, School of Drama

Mr LI Wing-hong, Senior Lecturer in Voice Studies and Discipline Leader in Musical Theatre Curriculum, School of Drama

Ms Sharon YAU, Temporary Lecturer (Applied Theatre), School of Drama  


Prof Martin Lau

What to do when you don't know what to do?

Speaker: Ms Elissa ROSATI, Head of Screen Production and Research Centre, School of Film and Television


Prof Martin Lau

Developing Your Career in Design, Technology, Leadership and Arts Administration through Theatre & Production

Speaker: Mr Ash NG, Lecturer (Stage and Event Management), School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts



School Talks

School representatives will introduce the undergraduate degree programmes and postgraduate
programmes of the Academy which covers the information as follows:

  1. Admission requirement 
  2. Preparation for interview / audition 
  3. Programme structure 
  4. Teaching and learning 
  5. Opportunities for overseas exchange
  6. Career aspects