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Rita Tong Liu Drama Theatre

Outlook of Drama Theatre


  • Raked floor: continental seating
  • Full seating capacity: 415
  • If orchestra pit used: 380
  • 8 wheelchair spaces at side balcony
  • S21 on balcony is reserved for house usage

Performing Area

  • Main stage: 13.8m(W) x 10m(D) x 16m(H) (to Grid)
  • Rear stage: 12m(W) x 6m(D) x 6m(H)
  • Side stage (SR): 5.8m(W) x 10m(D) x 7.5m(H)
  • Wing spaces (SL): 1.1m(W) x 10m(D) x 7.5m(H)

Orchestra Pit

  • Main pit area: 9.8m(W) x 2.6m(D) x 3.5m(H)
  • Additional pit area at understage: 9m(W) x 4m(D)
  • Accommodating approx. 40 musicians (35 auditorium seats lost through use)

Dressing Rooms

** Subject to availability

  • Accommodating 20 persons total: Dressing Rooms Nos.19-21 one floor below Stage level with staircase access to both sides of stage
  • All equip with access codes locks and showers
  • DR19 for 7 persons
  • DR20 for 4 persons
  • DR21 for 9 persons

Other Facilities

  • Show relay / cast paging
  • CCTV by arrangement
  • Telephone and internet access (only for general web browsing purpose) at dressing room 20
  • Laundry / wardrobe maintenance facilities
  • Toilet on each floor level
  • Temporary quick-change rooms can be created at stage level

Technical Information

Stage       Lighting
Sound       Projection
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Drama Theatre Seating Plan

Seating Plan

Drama Theatre Hanging Plot

Hanging Plot

Drama Theatre Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing
(PDF) / (CAD)
#for reference only, request on-site measurement for your precision needs

Drama Theatre Technical Drawing in 3D

 Technical Drawing in 3D
#for reference only, request on-site measurement for your precision needs

Drama Theatre FOH Lighting Plan

FOH Lighting Plan

Hosue Speaker Position

Drama Theatre Dressing Rooms Allocation Dressing Rooms Allocation

Venue Information


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues - their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.