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The Lotus Script

15 Mar (Fri) - 16 Mar (Sat)

15 Mar 2024 (Fri) | 19:45 - 20:30
16 Mar 2024 (Sat) | 19:45 - 20:30

Tickets General Sale starts from 20 Feb 10:00

Academy Studio Theatre
Approx. 1 hour (without intermission)
Price Info:
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Free Standing This production is suitable for audience aged 6 or above

"The Lotus Script" is a cross-media chamber opera jointly presented by an interdisciplinary creative team from the School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts and the School of Music. Nushu, the women's script known as Jiangyong Nushu, is exclusively used by women. Its characters are beautiful, long, and thin, with intricate patterns, existing for hundreds of years. The opera incorporates customs from the Jiangyong minority, particularly the letters, and the theme of crying for marriage. It expresses the spirit of Nushu from a female perspective, blending traditional and modern music with cross-media technology. These collective components intertwine, presenting the beauty of Nushu and the cultural heritage of the crying marriage ritual.