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HKAPA Presents Two Drama Productions Le Malade Imaginaire and The Ten Oxen of Ours

8 Dec 2022

Directed by Ata Wong (School of Drama Lecturer in Physical Narrative/Musical Theatre), Le Malade Imaginaire is adapted from the classic comedy by renowned French playwright Molière. The director brought the everlasting classic about a hypochondriac to the stage of the Academy and our student actors from all years of the School came together to deliver wonderful performances with laughter and humour in the coming festive season. 

Devised by Alex Cheung (School of Drama Lecturer in Directing/Movement and director of the play) and cast (students of the School of Drama), The Ten Oxen of Ours is inspired by the pictures of Ten Oxen of Zen, and is a story about young people in search of their inner selves. The Academy is pleased that The Ten Oxen of Ours has received overwhelming response and all tickets have been sold out.

The productions are performed by School of Drama students, members of the production team are from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of the Academy.

Synopsis of Academy Drama: Le Malade Imaginaire
The story begins in a corner of the world, where Kong Kwok-hing lives as a hypochondriac. He is physically healthy, yet believes himself to be mortally ill. Many unconscionable doctors exploit Kong, milking his weakness on the pretext of treating him. His health is the last thing on their mind. One day, a miracle doctor appears. Will Kong be cured?

drama 1

Academy Drama: Le Malade Imaginaire

Drama in Cantonese with English and Chinese surtitles

The production contains coarse language, violent scenes and adult content, suitable for audience aged 12 or above.

Playwright: Molière
Director/Adaptation: Ata Wong
Dramaturg: Wang Jing
Script Adaptation: Ata Wong, Choy Kai-fung, Yu Man-hin and Cast
Composers/Lyricists: Cheng Sik-nam, Leung Hei-na
Set Designer: Joshua Yuen
Costume Designer: Jasmine Wu Wing-in                                       
Lighting Designer: Le Dinh Dat
Sound Designer: Peter Wong Tsz-kin
Production Manager: Chan Hon-fei
Cast: Chan Nga-wun, Caroline Chan, Cheung Cheuk-hang, Chu Tsz-fung, Chung Yik-chun, Hui Yuet-sheung, Lai Chi-ho, Lui Cheuk-hei, Mok Kok-pong, Tse Ka-hei, Richelia Yeung, Lim Ho-tik, Ng Wing-ha, Tong Ngai-ting, Yip Shu-yan
Date/Time:  December 28 – December 30, 2022 | 7:30 pm 
                  December 31, 2022| 1:15 pm & 5:00 pm
Venue: Rita Tong Liu Drama Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Ticket Price: $50 - $105
Cast and Production Team list:


Synopsis of Academy Drama: The Ten Oxen of Ours
Inspired by the "Ten Oxen" used in the Zen tradition, The Ten Oxen of Ours tries to manifest Zen practices through stage performance art. The whole play uses the motif of "Ox" and the metaphor of cattle herding to represent the different stages of spiritual enlightenment on the journey to seek the meaning of life. In this sense, everyone has an "Ox" as their inner self or perhaps as the things they pursue. People, regardless of the past or the present, have similar experiences in terms of seeking and inquiring. In the play, the actors share their own stories as Hong Kong youngsters with the "Ox" in their heart. While they express their quest for their life goals, their spiritual maps are displayed via various artistic elements, reflecting the diversity of the pathway of life.

studio 1

Academy Drama: The Ten Oxen of Ours

Drama in Cantonese

This production is suitable for audience aged 6 or above.

Devised by: Alex Cheung and Cast
Director: Alex Cheung
Percussion Coach & Composer: Lee Tsz-kin
Dramaturg: Cheng Kai-yuen
Choreographer: Sum Cheuk-yiu
Set Designer: Lai Wing-ki
Costume Designer: Lam Hoi-kiu
Lighting Designer: Alice Ho Pui-lam
Sound Designer: Tantan Tang
Video Designer: Rodney Ma Lap-yin
Production Manager: Trini Chong
Cast: Lam Yau-hin, Ma Hiu-ying, Man Fei-yeung, Sin Lok-yan, Siu Chun-pong, Sum Cheuk-yiu, To Yim-shan, Wong Hoi-man, Au Yeung Hak-ho, Chan Ka-yan, Chan Lut-to, Chan Yin-hei, Iu Ching-ue, Leung Kin-chung, Lo Chi-kin, Man Tsun-yin, Mo Hiu-shan, Tsang Sin
Date/Time:  December 19 – December 23, 2022 | 7:45 pm 
                  December 24, 2022| 1:15 pm & 5:00 pm
Venue: Studio Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Ticket Price: $50 - $95
Cast and Production Team list:


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