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A Pioneering Initiative - The Greater Bay Area Youth Orchestra

We are pleased to inform you about the founding of the Greater Bay Area Youth Orchestra – a pioneering youth initiative to foster cultural exchange across the region.

Established and directed by the Academy, with the support of the Swire Group as a Founding Patron, the Greater Bay Area Youth Orchestra aspires to be one of the finest youth orchestras in Asia. It aims to raise the standard of classical performances in the Greater Bay Area to new heights, by bringing together talented young musicians from across the region for professional training under the auspices of HKAPA, as well as offering opportunities for performance and cultural exchange.

Stay tuned for more details to come.

Future Filmmaking with SPaRC

At the School of Film and Television (FTV), staff and students have the privilege to work with the latest equipment, software and state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Screen Production and Research Centre (SPaRC), established in 2020.

SPaRC aims to provide training for students in screen disciplines and interdisciplinary opportunities for all students at the Academy. Also, it will foster support for research and experimentation in screen production and presentation, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), in conjunction with postgraduate students and in partnership with the creative industries.

At SPaRC, our alumna and Artist-in-Residence Jessey Tsang has expanded her filmmaking horizons by incorporating virtual reality in her recent work Chroma 11, which strives to reconstruct a reunion in dance for two parted souls after life. Chroma 11 is the first work from Hong Kong selected as one of the international projects of the Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality under the Venice Film Festival.

Chroma 11 Trailer

FTV also has a newly launched extracurricular “SPaRC Afterschool Programme”, targeting students who are interested in increasing media literacy and enhancing their experiences in film and media production. With the support of SPaRC, we look forward to recruiting and nurturing more young talents to join the industry and propel the development and innovation in film and media production.

SPaRC Afterschool Programme

Enhanced Learning Experience
at the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts

From the academic year 2022/23 onward, the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts (TEA) will have a newly refined and updated undergraduate curriculum to enhance the student learning experience and better prepare them for the industry in the future, and the continually evolving nature of design, management, and technologies in the performing arts.

The time for practical production or project experience in an academic year will be increased to eight weeks and there will be two new specialisations for the Major study in Media Design and Technology, namely Media Scenography and Audio Arts. The new specialisations emphasise on aesthetics, emerging technologies, and integrated approach of using an innovative mix of media. It will allow students to collaborate across disciplines in an integrated manner and explore production challenges from the traditional to the contemporary.

More about TEA Undergraduate Programme

Complementary Studies
- Essential for Nurturing Future Artist Leaders

At the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, we not only train professional artists, but also capable individuals equipped with the appropriate language and soft skills for becoming future leaders of society. Therefore, the Academy’s Complementary Studies (CS) Unit offers Language and General Education courses (Liberal Arts and Academy Electives) to all students studying post-secondary and undergraduate programmes to support our mission in nurturing well-rounded artistic leaders. These courses aim to develop students to become intellectual, articulate and reflective performing arts practitioners with a global view in five major areas, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Science, Portfolio Career, and Discipline-based courses.

We encourage our students to make the best use of our CS courses with their wide range of subjects and interests so that they can develop themselves as lifelong learners and explorers in their performing art forms and beyond.

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New Professional Diploma in Cantonese Opera

The School for Chinese Opera will launch a new 2-year Professional Diploma in Cantonese Opera in the 2023/24 academic year*. This programme will provide a great opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing the Cantonese Opera and its related fields as performers or musicians.

• Focus on training for entering the Cantonese opera industry
• Offer professional and systematic training and practice opportunities
• Integration of discipline-focused major courses and related complementary courses to support holistic development

Who’s it for?
• Students or those currently working in the Cantonese opera industry who have interests in Cantonese opera performance or music
• Those seeking professional career opportunities in Cantonese opera performance
• Students preparing to become professional Cantonese opera performers or musicians

* Subject to approval