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Taking a Chance on Dance

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Course Information

This course focuses on the aesthetic aspect of dance by engaging students in a whole experience, intending to enrich them as people, dancers and makers of dance through the “three key learning processes: making, performing and appreciating”. It involves learning to perform and create dance, learning to appreciate and appraise dance and using dance to support cognitive learning, contextualisation and critical thinking.


Upon completion of the subject, students should be able to:


  1. master the characteristics of various dance styles and understand the underlying principles common to dance movements such as body positions, spatial patterns, kinesthetic awareness, dynamics and movement qualities through performing, making and appreciating dance;
  2. demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the arts of dance, performance etiquette and stage terminology in relation to historical, cultural, and personal perspectives;
  3. apply decision-making, analytical and problem-solving skills in creating, organising and composing dances to demonstrate clear dance forms or structures and be able to communicate ideas, moods, feelings and themes through dance;
  4. cultivate critical responses, ability of appreciation and creative thinking skills through performing, making and appreciating dance;
  5. demonstrate teamwork skills, personal responsibility and positive values during the choreographic and making process; and
  6. develop self-understanding for further studies and career development in the related field.

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